Stop wiping your hands on your shirt and get out of your yoga pants, because professional wardrobe stylist Bethany Winters is now available for consultation, both in person and on line! Whether its finding a head-to-toe event ensemble within your budget, purging your closet of unwanted items, or simply learning how to dress for your body type, Bethany has got you covered. It’s time. Are you in…?

'The Quickie' Basic Online Consultation (1 Hour)

Feeling clueless? Per your criteria, learn which cuts best flatter your body type and where to shop within your personal budget. Specific links provided.

'The IHAVENOTHINGTOWEAR!' Per Event Online Consultation (1 Hour)

Based upon your budget, I’ll find you the perfect outfit (including accessories) for your upcoming party, wedding or event. Please allow an average of 4-6 weeks lead-time in order to accommodate for shipping and returns, but not to worry – there’s always overnight shipping for those of you who like to live on the edge!

'Purging Your Skeletons' The Total Closet Makeover (4 Hour Minimum)

  • Your Style I.D: Determining your personal style identity
  • Analyzing The Goods: A thorough closet inventory and wardrobe assessment
  • The Purge: What To Toss/What To Keep/What To Alter
  • Evaluating The Essentials: The Top 10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet
  • The Cheat Sheet: An itemized list of 5 complete outfits created from pre-existing items

'The Shotgun' Personal Shopping With Bethany Winters (4 Hour Minimum)

Bethany will accompany you on that previously nightmarish shopping trip, choosing items first hand that complement each other and your body type. I’ll show you how to put clothing and accessories together to create numerous outfits from just a few pieces!

(Package discounts are offered on purchases of two or more services. Online consultations are remittable via Pay Pal. Bethany Winters is also available for contributing editing and may be contacted at bethanyswinters (at) yahoo (dot) com for details and pricing, or via Twitter at @LAStylistMom.)


Bethany’s style and skills helped smooth my transition back to work following the birth of my son.  It was with a heavy heart that I asked her to help me prepare for the dreaded day.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from working with a stylist; even when I am at my most fit I do not particularly enjoy shopping, and the new baby meant a new body type to dress, not to mention that my time and budget were more limited than ever. I put my faith in Bethany, and it was a terrific experience!

In just three hours, at just one store, and for a very reasonable price, she put together a stellar head-to-toe work wardrobe for me (including pants, tops  a suit, shoes, jewelry, belts, a scarf and a handbag).  I was seriously impressed by her speed and sharp eye in pulling exactly the right clothes in the right sizes off the racks. Her experience was evident as she picked things that I would never have selected for myself, and put them together in exciting and creative ways, all without losing sight of what is appropriate for a conservative law firm.

She helped me find styles and pieces that work for my post-baby bod, and as a mother of two herself she gets it. I appreciated that she was respectful of my budget, and helped me edit down our finds to a dollar amount that I could handle. She didn’t push me to purchase items that I didn’t like, as she didn’t want me to take home anything I wasn’t comfortable in. Bethany is also just plain fun to be around, so shopping with her felt like a real treat! The best part of my consultation is that my new clothes really helped make my return to work a little bit easier.  As a new mom, I feel like a new person in a lot of ways, as I have added a wholly new role to my identity, so it feels right to have a new wardrobe to reflect the changes.

Thanks Bethany – you are the greatest!

Anne Clinton, Washington D.C.

As a forty four year old mother of two young girls, it is often a struggle to take care of my style needs.  I was thrilled to discover Bethany’s services and, in fact, hers is one of the few sites that I check daily, after my e mail.  While I like to see the latest trends that the ever-fashionable stylist writes about, I really love what she does for us moms on an every day level.  She gives many options at various price points from Old Navy to Chanel and everything in between.  What’s more, she writes with great wit and humor.  I feel like she is my most fashionable friend, always willing to help me look my best.

Abby W, Brooklyn, New York

After stumbling across Bethany’s website, I have found her to be an invaluable resource. I e mail her regularly for fashion advice, both for specific occasions and general seasonal updates, and her recommendations are always spot on. As a mom herself, she understands the need for comfort and practicality, but recognizes we don’t want to totally give up on our inner fashionista! She also gets that different people have different budgets, and that sometimes the same person may have separate budgets depending on the item and its use. Bethany definitely has her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and not in today’s fashions, and always offers different ways to wear those trends. My favorite thing about her is her ability to advise me as to what will look good for my body shape. As we all know, our bodies can change over time, with help from mother nature as well as having children! That doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good, sometimes we just need a little help adjusting. So thank you Bethany, for helping us moms navigate the ever-changing world of fashion!

Karen B, New York, NY

Bethany rocks! She has been my cyber-stylist who has outfitted me for both a rehearsal dinner and a black tie wedding. She’s also styled my “mommy uniform,” so that I now look current and put together during my days at the playground with three kids. She has provided me with advice on bags, shoes and even lingerie - thank goodness I now know what bra to wear with spaghetti strap tanks! She has always understood not only my needs, but also my budget. I so appreciate the fact that she answers my fashion questions with multiple links to items, as well as her opinions on her faves. Best of all, she always tells it like it is and is honest with me when something ISN’T good; it’s like having your best friend (who also happens to by a stylist) in the dressing room with you!

Emily R, Fairfield, CT

Living in New York City for 15 years as a designer, it would have never occurred to me to use a stylist. I felt very confident in my fashion choices and very much enjoyed shopping. However, having two babies in less than two years, and moving to Los Angeles really threw me for a fashion loop. Trying to fit into my old (black) NYC uniform with a new body type and more casual lifestyle just was not working. I did not care about shopping (gasp) and hated the way I looked in everything. When it came to entering back into the workforce I knew I needed some serious professional help.

One afternoon of working with Bethany, not only gave me my fashion confidence back, but she put together a whole new wardrobe. We’re talking a suit, dresses, skirts, blouses, jewelry, accessories, boots and a beautiful handbag I still use daily. I not only felt professional, but the star service I received made me almost feel like a celebrity. She even got the salesgirl to give us an overall discount so I could afford to purchase a much needed piece of the collection.

Run, do not walk to the phone to make an appointment. You won’t believe how good she will make you feel about yourself!

Ellen Petty, Los Angeles, CA

Bethany is incredible!  I had recently lost 40 pounds and had absolutely NOTHING to wear;  she shopped with me and found me an entire wardrobe for an incredible price.  She was honest about what was best for my shape and coloring, and helped me find new ways to accentuate my style.  She even helped me with a list so I could remember all of the ways to mix and match my new pieces!  I ended up with a great new look, some fabulous and long-lasting advice, and pieces that continue to get me compliments…

Kat Scudder, Los Angeles, CA

So, I went to my kids school Gala - the “big fundraiser.”  I was dreading the silent auction and the items I knew I would have to choose from; dance classes, face painting for a kids party, tickets to a Dodger game…I can’t tell you how excited I was to see a four hour consultation with wardrobe stylist Bethany Winters. Since having my three kids I have a closet full of stuff - some great, some not so great - in sizes four through ten. I knew I needed help, I just wasn’t sure from who. This was the answer, I knew it. I hovered over the bid sheet and by my fourth bid the auction was over and I had won!

I contacted Bethany and she was great. We set up a time, she came over and we went through my closet, drawers and car trunk! I had so many great pieces that I just didn’t know how to put together. She helped me see which things were not right for me, and how to take the pieces I had and make multiple outfits out of them. She was able to recognize the potential in what I thought were useless pieces, and showed me how to change/tailor them to make them work for me. I think I purged about 30% of my closet, but I feel like I DOUBLED my wardrobe! I was so happy, that I had her come back a few months later to go through my winter clothing stored in my attic -  now it all fits in my house, so no more switching seasons. Thanks Bethany, I love you!

Denise Callahan, Los Angeles, CA

Bethany was truly a style whiz at helping me to not only improve my look, but maximize my entire wardrobe. I sought Bethany’s help after feeling that I had fallen into a rut with my wardrobe as a mom who works from home and too often was not getting out of my exercise clothes. Also, I realized that I was not wearing some of the fine designer pieces I had picked up during the past couple years, because I wasn’t sure what they matched. From my existing clothing, she created stunning outfits for me to wear to upcoming events such as a charity awards dinner and an art gallery opening, as well as date nights with my husband, meetings at private schools, new business pitches with potential clients, everyday wear and casual days at our club. Several of the outfits incorporated the pieces I hadn’t been wearing, which pleased me immensely;  I finally know how to wear that gorgeous Missoni skirt! I never would have come up with the ensembles she created, which reflected a sophistication, fashion knowledge and deep expertise that is uniquely Bethany. After outfit creating, she cleansed my closet of mistakes I had made, including old favorites that had seen better days. She then sent me to the shoemaker and tailor to restore several pieces (now I can wear my Jimmy Choo’s again!) and emailed me a list of everything that was missing from my closet for the upcoming season and where to buy the items. These were basics like linen pants and skirts, v-neck shirts, nude pumps, and the like. I appreciated that she understood my mantra of buying quality without spending a fortune. Bethany’s advice stays with me every time I make a clothing or shoe purchase - that ‘What Would Bethany Do?’ voice inside of me is now a style beacon that guides my wardrobe every day. I highly recommend her for all of your wardrobe styling needs!

Linda Press, Los Angeles, CA

Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I decided to work with Bethany to style me for several upcoming important events. She had me try things on that I never would have picked up on my own, as well as showing me easy ways to hide my “trouble spots.” She opened my eyes to an entirely different side of fashion, forcing me out of style rut I wasn’t even aware I was in until meeting her. Two years later, I’m still wearing the clothes she found for me during our initial consultation, and my husband and I now both use her expertise regularly!

Laure Tremaine, Los Angeles, CA

When I decided to re-brand and launch my new photography website, I knew I needed updated bio photos. I had already decided who I wanted to take my photographs and who would do my hair and makeup, but I held off for a long time since I didn’t know what to wear to best reflect my personality. 

After meeting Bethany, I not only knew that she had great style, but she was also easy to talk with. I reached out and told her what my concerns were, that I wanted a couple of stylish looks, and that I needed to be pushed outside my comfort zone a bit. She not only worked quickly, she blew me away with her initial recommendations. I would never have been able to put those looks together myself! Bethany readily pinpointed the essence of who I am, and styled me in a way that I loved but would never have been able to do on my own.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Bethany Winters and cannot wait to work with her again!

Jen Johnson, Orange County, CA